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MEMORIAL of an instrument to be registered in the Land Registry
under the Land Registration Ordinance


Solicitors Code of lodging firm
Registration Fee
Please tick the appropriate box

Other (please specify)

box $210box $230box $450box $1,000box $2,000其他(請註明)


Nature and object of the instrument 文書的性質及目的
bar code
Premises affected bt the Instrument
Property Reference Number (if any) 物業參考編號 (如有的話)

Address (if applicable; including the address in the Chinese language, if known) 地址 (如適用,包括所知悉的中文地址)



Undivided Shares (if any) 所佔的不分割份數(如有的話)
Lot Number(s) 地段編號
Date of instrument
Consideration 代價
Names of parties (including the names in the Chinese language, if known)
各方的姓名或名稱 ( 包括所知悉的中文姓名或名稱 )
In case of change of ownership,please specify Identification Numbers of parties (Identity Card No./ TravelDocument No./ Company No./etc.)
如涉及業權轉變,請註明各方的身分 識別號碼(身分証號碼、旅行証件號碼、公司編號等 )
Status of parties
各方的身分 ( 出讓人、受讓人等 )
Respective shares in, and capacities in relation to, the premises
Memorial number (including district code identifier, if applicable) of transaction satisfied
被償付的文書之註冊摘要編號 (包括地區標識代號,如適用)
Stamp Office Instrument Reference No.

Stamp Duty 印花稅


On this ______________ day of ___________ 20___ I (name) _____________________
於 20 ____________ 年 _________ 月 _______ 本人 (姓名) ___________________
of (name of solicitors firm) ________________________________Hong Kong, solicitor
(律師行名稱) ________________________________________________ 的香港
律師 hereby certify that the foregoing Memorial contains a just and true account of the
several particulars therein set forth as required by the Land Registration Regulations.
《 土地註冊規例 》 的規定。

Serial Number
 Signature 簽署
 Hong Kong 香港