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Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure

The Land Registry is headed by Ms Joyce TAM, JP, Land Registrar (Telephone no.: 2867 8001), who is supported by three operational branches, namely, the Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch managed by KF PANG, Registry Manager (Telephone no.: 2867 8002), the Legal Services Branch managed by Eric LEE, Deputy Principal Solicitor (Telephone no.: 2867 8022) and the Financial Services Branch managed by Ms Javy CHAN, Business Manager (Telephone no.: 2867 8010).

The Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch has six Divisions which include Registration Services Division, Search & Departmental Services Division, Management & Customer Services Division, Title Registration Operation Division, Information Technology Management Division and General Support Services Division. The Division Managers are as follows:

Registration Services Division: Francis WAN, Deputy Registry Manager/Reg 1 (Telephone no.: 2867 3303) and Ms Evian WONG, Deputy Registry Manager/Reg 2 (Telephone no.: 2867 4821);
Search & Departmental Services Division: Mrs Cindy LAM, Deputy Registry Manager/SDS 1 (Telephone no.: 2867 5819) and Ms Eva LAU, Deputy Registry Manager/SDS 2 (Telephone no.: 2867 2838);
Management & Customer Services Division: Ms Alice LEUNG, Deputy Registry Manager (Telephone no.: 2867 8050);
Title Registration Operation Division: Ms Delphine MA, Deputy Registry Manager/TR 1 (Telephone no.: 2867 8052), Kenneth POON, Deputy Registry Manager/TR 2 (Telephone no.: 2867 5900) and Patrick WONG, Chief Executive Officer (Telephone no.: 2867 8066);
Information Technology Management Division: Dennis CHEN, Acting Senior Systems Manager (DR/IT) (Telephone no.: 2867 8007)(8.7.2024-23.7.2024) and Andrew MAK, Senior Systems Manager (TR) (Telephone no.: 2867 4331);
General Support Services Division: Ms Tina YAM, Departmental Secretary (Telephone no.: 2867 8033).

The Legal Services Branch takes charge of the Legal Services Division. The Division is supervised by Wesley LUK, Senior Solicitor 1 (Telephone no.: 2867 8003), Ms Shirley LEE, Senior Solicitor 2 (Telephone no.: 2867 4779), Stanley HUI, Senior Solicitor 3 (Telephone no.: 2867 8005), Ms Joyce WONG, Senior Solicitor 4 (Telephone no.: 2867 5759), David IP, Senior Solicitor 5 (Telephone no.: 2867 8006), Miss Tracy LAM, Senior Solicitor 6 (Telephone no.: 2867 8008).

The Financial Services Branch has two Divisions, namely, Financial Services Division and Project Development Division. They are respectively headed by Ms Candy HO, Deputy Business Manager (Telephone no.: 2867 8009) and Ms Ella TSOI, Deputy Registry Manager (Telephone no.: 2867 2688).


 Land Registrar
  • Head of the Land Registry
  • General Manager of the Land Registry Trading Fund
  • Overall management of the Land Registry, formulating and reviewing policies on its operation, business and development
  • Statutory authority for the administration and enforcement of the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128), Land Titles Ordinance (Cap. 585), other relevant Ordinances and regulations
 Registry Manager

As Head of the Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch, Registry Manager is responsible for:

  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the Land Registry, overseeing the maintenance of the Land Register and enforcement of the Deeds Registration System (DRS)
  • Ensuring efficient delivery of departmental services and supervising the introduction of new or improved services to meet customer needs
  • Setting performance targets and monitoring compliance
  • Managing public relations and publicity
  • Overseeing human resource management and administration functions
  • Developing strategies and plans for the implementation of the Title Registration System (TRS)
  • Reviewing existing administrative and operational procedures in preparation for TRS operations
  • Planning and implementing publicity and education programmes to promote public awareness and understanding of TRS
  • Overseeing the enhancements of the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) and the new search system to support DRS
  • Supervising the development of suitable computer systems to support TRS
 Deputy Principal Solicitor
As Head of the Legal Services Branch, Deputy Principal Solicitor is responsible for:

  • Supervising the legal team in providing legal services relating to the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128) and the Building Management Ordinance (Cap.344)
  • Planning and carrying out legal work in preparing for the commencement of the Land Titles Ordinance and introduction of the land title registration system, formulating legal policy and dealing with related legal issues
  • Reviewing and recommending any necessary changes to the Land Titles Ordinance, Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128) and related ordinances
  • Overseeing the preparation of an amendment bill for the Land Titles Ordinance
 Business Manager

As Head of the Financial Services Branch, Business Manager is responsible for:

  • Managing the financial management and business development of the Land Registry
  • Assisting the Land Registrar in managing the Land Registry Trading Fund
  • Managing financial accounts, preparing budgets, reviewing costs and advising on costing and pricing
  • Planning and implementing improvement projects for business development and efficiency enhancement
  • Participating in the formulation of Fees Regulations and the operation of the Indemnity Fund under the Land Titles Ordinance

Branch and Division

Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch

Registration Services Division

  • To provide services for registration of documents affecting land under the Land Registration Ordinance.

Search and Departmental Services Division

  • To provide search services; to handle applications for registration of owners' corporations; and to provide reports-on-title to Government departments.

Management and Customer Services Division

  • To manage and develop the Land Registration Officer grade; to plan and deliver customer services and respond to customers’ needs; and to develop human resources through training and development programmes to meet the business needs of the Land Registry.

Title Registration Operation Division

  • To design operational processes, procedures and forms for the Title Registration System (TRS) and to plan and implement publicity and education programmes.
  • To provide administrative support in the preparation for the implementation of the TRS and secretariat support to major committees concerning the Land Titles Ordinance (Cap. 585).

Information Technology Management Division

  • To plan, develop, implement and manage IT systems and services; and to provide IT support for the department.

General Support Services Division

  • To plan, manage and review human resources, office accommodation and administrative systems and to provide general support services to the department.
Legal Services Branch

Legal Services Division

  • To provide legal advisory and support services relating to the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128), the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) and the work of the department.
  • To provide legal advisory and support services in the preparation for the implementation of the Land Titles Ordinance (Cap. 585); to conduct review of the enacted Land Titles Ordinance and to prepare the legislative work for the introduction of an amendment bill for the Land Titles Ordinance.
Financial Services Branch

Financial Services Division

  • To prepare and control budgets and manage financial accounts; to evaluate costing, fees and charges; to review accounting procedures and financial systems; and to manage departmental supplies and stores.

Project Development Division

  • To plan and implement new management initiatives for improvement of service quality of the Land Registry.