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Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Issues

Q1: What information is needed to make an appointment?
A: You need to provide the following information:

  1. Deposit Number, Plan Number or Plan Subject for inspection of plan requested. For inspection of land grant document, the document type, Lot Type, Lot Number, or Conditions/New Grant Number are required;
  2. appointment date and time;
  3. contact information (contact phone number and an email address. The email address is used for receiving verification and confirmation email)
Q2: Why is it necessary to input the verification code to confirm the appointment booking?
A: It is to prevent automated appointment booking by machine and verify the validity of the email address provided.
Q3: How can I know whether the appointment has been confirmed?
A: After inputting the required information for the booking and submitting the request, you will receive a verification code by email. Within 30 minutes after input of the verification code, a confirmation email will be sent to you for confirmation of the appointment made.
Q4: How can I cancel or amend an appointment through the e-booking Service?
A: You can use the "Cancel / Amend Appointment" function to search for your appointment booking for amendment or cancellation.
Q5: Can I change the documents or plans I wish to inspect after confirmation of the appointment?
A: No. Please cancel the appointment via the e-Booking system and make a fresh appointment, or contact the respective office prior to the appointment date for the special arrangement.
Q6: What should I do if I am unable to attend the appointment as scheduled?
A: You can change or cancel the appointment before the appointment date through the e-Booking Service or call the respective inspection office.