Nature and Object of the instrument

Short Description:

There are different types of instruments like Assignment, Tenancy Agreement, Legal Charge, etc.. The nature and object of the instrument specify the type of instruments it belongs.

Quick Tips:


Q1: How to deal with re-registration cases?
A: For re-registration case, it should be clearly specified as such. For example: "Re-registration of Assignment (previously registered by M/N XXXXXXXX)".

Q2: Are there any special requirements for orders or lis pendens?
A: The action number should also be included e.g. High Court Civil Action No. XX312 of 2001.

Q3: What should I put if amendments have been made on the content page (usually page 1) of the Letters of Administration?
A: Please specify "Letters of Administration No. XXXXXXX altered pursuant to Order of Registrar XX dated XXXXXX".

Q4: Will re-registration of Letters of Administration with the schedule amended be accepted?
A. In such case, re-registration will not be allowed. However, the same can be lodged for registration if the Nature and Object box is specified as "Letters of Administration with amended schedule of Property" and the Date of Instrument box includes both the original date and the amendment date.

Q5: What should I put if two copies or three copies of instrument are submitted for registration?
A: Please specify "in duplicate" or "in triplicate".

Q6: What should I put if a duplicate copy of Agreement for Sale and Purchase is delivered for registration?
A: Please specify "Duplicate Agreement for Sale and Purchase".

Q7: Can I describe the instrument "Certificate of Registration of Death" as "Death Certificate"?
A: No. It should be specified as "Certificate of Registration of Death".

Q8: What should I put if a Court Order has been amended?
A: It may either be described as "Order" or "Amended Order".

Q9: For Receipt annexed to Mortgage/Legal Charge, is it a must to include the description “annexed to Mortgage/Legal Charge M/N XXXXXXX” in the nature and object box of the memorial?
A: It depends on the situation of the case. Receipt annexed to Mortgage/Legal Charge without such being reflected in the nature and object box of the memorial is also acceptable for registration provided that the Receipt itself has clear reference to the Mortgage/Legal Charge being discharged. However, if such Receipt only refers to “the within written Mortgage/Legal Charge” without mentioning the memorial number, the insertion of “annexed to Mortgage/Legal Charge M/N XXXXXXX” is required.

Q10: For instrument with plan(s) over A3 size, an additional copy of the plan(s) has to be annexed to its memorial for registration purpose. Is it necessary to specify “as per plan” in the “Nature and object of the instrument” memorial box in that case?
A: It is optional to specify the same.