Solicitors Code

Short Description:

It is a unique identification code assigned to a solicitors' firm by the Land Registry for registration purpose.

Quick Tips:


Q1: What is the solicitors code on the memorial?
A: The solicitors code is a unique reference number that the Land Registry allocates to each solicitors firm, on application. It is used to simplify data input in the computer system and to ensure return of deeds to the correct lodging party.

Q2: How to apply for a solicitors code?
A: New solicitors' firms can apply for solicitors codes in writing to the Land Registry.

Q3: Upon receiving the application, how long will your office take to create a new solicitors code?
A: It takes about three working days. If a solicitors firm without a code needs to submit instruments for registration, the instruments can be submitted together with a written application for a solicitors code to the Land Registry.

Q4: How much is the application fee?
A: It is free of charge.

Q5: Is there any special arrangement if some instruments require urgent registration but the solicitors code has not been assigned?
A: A temporary solicitors code will be allotted. Once when a formal solicitors code is assigned, the temporary code will be replaced by it.

Q6: Is it necessary to inform the Land Registry of any changes of name, address, telephone no. or fax no. of a solicitors' firm?
A: An application for a new solicitors code should be submitted in case of a change of name. The Land Registry should also be informed of any change in address, telephone no. or fax no. for updating internal records.