Land Registry

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The Land Registry is a public office for the registration of instruments affecting land under the Land Registration Ordinance.

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Q1: Where should I deliver the instruments for registration?
A: All instruments shall be delivered to the Customer Centre on 19th Floor of the Queensway Government Offices (QGO) for registration, irrespective of the property location. For an instrument affecting a number of properties located in different districts, the lodging party will only need to complete and deliver one memorial for registration.

Q2: How long will it take to register an instrument?
A: The performance pledge for registration of an instrument is 15 working days. That is the time required for completing the registration process and returning the instrument to the lodging parties. However, for cases where clarification with lodging parties is required, it may take longer time.

Q3: What should I do if an instrument requires urgent registration?
A: Please substantiate your request in writing when the instrument is delivered for registration. We will expedite our registration process.

Q4: Can I lodge two instruments (e.g. original Tenancy Agreement annexed to an original Assignment) for registration under one memorial?
A: No. Each original instrument should be lodged for registration under a separate memorial.

Q5: Will registration fee be refunded if an instrument is subsequently not accepted for registration?
A: No.

Q6: Can I apply for a refund if there is an overpayment of registration fee?
A: Yes. The Land Registry will consider an application for refund of registration fee upon production of evidence which shows that a lesser amount of registration fee should have been charged as laid down in Land Registry Circular Memorandum No 1/95. For the scope of acceptable documentary proof, please refer to Land Registry Circular Memorandum No.6/07.

Q7: I have come across a case that an instrument was not withheld from registration even though the witnessing clause therein was not signed. Can you tell me why?
A: It is not the Land Registry's statutory duty to check the validity of an instrument or to ensure the correctness of its content in carrying out registration duties. As such, it is not our standing practice to check for the signature on the witnessing clause.

Q8: Can I send a draft copy instrument intended for re-registration to the Land Registry and have it prescreened/pre-approved before lodging it for re-registration?
A: It is neither Land Registry's statutory duty nor its practice to provide service for pre-registration screening of instruments before they are lodged for registration or re-registration. We consider that Land Office Circular Memorandum Nos. 102 and 108 already contain useful guidelines for reference by lodging parties.

Q9: If some of the particulars contained in the carbon copy Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase are blurred, will it be accepted for registration?
A: It is specified in the Land Registration Regulations that the instrument shall be of such quality as to enable the contents thereof to be satisfactorily recorded by imaging method. The Land Registry will adopt a flexible approach in considering each case according to the circumstances of the case. In any event, the major particulars (e.g. names of parties, property description, etc.) which are required to be entered into the memorial must be clearly shown in instrument.