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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Fee

Q1: Can I pay search fees by personal cheques?
A: Yes. However, in order to avoid any revenue loss due to dishonoured cheques, services requested will be provided after the cheques have been cashed. You have to bring along the original receipts after 11:30 am on the third clear working day following the date of presentation of personal cheques to collect the requested documents.
Q2: What are the fees for land register / land document?
Current Search of land register $10
Historical and Current Search of land register $25
Unposted Memorial Information $10
A full set of copy of memorial document $100
A copy of memorial form $10
A copy of a plan or plans attached to a land document $15
A copy of colour plan $150
A copy of Government lease $120
A copy of letter of compliance attached to a Government lease $10
Certification of a document $150
A copy of withheld deed $100