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Search of Land Records

Internet Search Services (IRIS Online Services)

Land records are kept by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. For every land transaction, it is important to ascertain who the registered owner of the property is and what incumbrances, if any, are registered against it. A land search will provide the searcher with the information.

1. IntroductionInternet Search Services

The Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) is the electronic platform developed by the Land Registry to provide enhanced services. The IRIS Online Services provides users with a full range of search services through the Internet. Anyone will be able to access the IRIS Online Services at http://www.iris.gov.hk or through the hyperlinks at this website. For users with smartphones or mobile devices, they can access to the website of the mobile version via the same website of the desktop version (www.iris.gov.hk) through the browser of smartphones or mobile devices. The system will then redirect users to the mobile version.

The IRIS Online Services will be available in two forms as follows:

  1. On Ad Hoc Basis

    The ad hoc users can access the IRIS Online Services on a need basis. Online payment of service fees by JCB, MasterCard, VISA, UnionPay and PPS (for the desktop version) or JCB, MasterCard, VISA, UnionPay, Apple Pay and Google Pay (Mastercard and VISA only) (for the mobile version) will be accepted to enable searches to be completed anywhere you have access to the Internet;

  2. On Subscription Basis

    Frequent users can use the IRIS Online Services on a subscription basis which offers monthly autopay arrangement, monthly transaction listing by account and other special features. However, subscriber has to pay to the Land Registry the following fees and deposit for each account:

    • application fee (HK$1,500)
    • fee for Supplementary Login IDs (HK$750 each)
    • deposit #(minimum HK$500)

    Application form and relevant information leaflets are available at this homepage

    (#Note:The deposit serves as a guarantee to the Land Registry that fees of services rendered to the subscribers through the IRIS Online Services can be recovered. The amount of initial deposit payable will be worked out by the Land Registry with reference to the monthly search volume estimated by the subscriber. The deposit is calculated on subscriber's 2-month usage, the minimum amount payable being HK$500.)

2. Operation Hours

  1. Operation hours of IRIS Online Services Website 

    • From 07:30 hour to 03:30 hour next day including Sundays and public holidays.
  2. Closing hours of specific types of services

    • Search of land register:
    02:30 hour (next day)
    • Search of unposted memorial information:
    02:30 hour (next day)
    • Placing order for any product or service:
    02:30 hour (next day)

3. Services Provided

  1. Search of Land Register

    • Information on "current" particulars or "historical and current" particulars of a property including documents pending registration
  2. Search of Unposted Memorial List/Information

    • Documents which are lodged for registration but, for one reason or another, cannot be posted to the land register, are shown in the Unposted Memorial List with their brief information (lot number, address, Memorial No., nature of instrument, number of affected registers and date of delivery)
    • Users can select to search any unposted memorial in the Unposted Memorial List. Additional information including date of instrument, consideration, share of the lot, name of the lodging party, etc. in respect of the selected unposted memorial will be shown.
  3. Ordering of Land Documents

    • Type of Documents: Imaged copies of memorial, Government Lease, New Grant, Conditions and Block Government Lease
  4. Enquiry of Search / Order Status

    • Subscribers can enquire search order status by transaction number, order number, order with Property Reference number, and order creation date and status.
    • Ad hoc users can enquire search/order status by payment transaction number and order number. If using mobile version, ad hoc users can use "Local Order List" function to enquire order details for orders which are placed in the same browser of the same smartphone or mobile device within 62 days.
  5. Enquiry of Subscriber Account Information

    • For the desktop version, subscribers can enquire the account balance, current statement, previous monthly statement and statement by date range.
    • For the mobile version, subscribers can view the account balance after successful log-in (but excluding enquiry on current statement, previous monthly statement and statement by date range).
  6. Online Help

    • Online help with step-by-step guidance is available.

4. Delivery Methods

Users can choose the following delivery methods to receive the copies of land records:

  1. For the desktop version,

    • View by browser
    • By download
    • By email
    • By fax
    • By mail
    • By collection at counter

    Delivery method may differ depending on the Order Type, Nature, Colouring, File Size or No. of Pages etc.

  2. For the mobile version,

    • View by browser
    • By email

    Delivery method may differ depending on the File Size.

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