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Frequently Asked Questions

Deeds Lodgement/Collection of Deeds

Q1: How do I submit deeds for registration?
A: Go to our Customer Centre on 19/F of Queensway Government Offices. Service hours for lodgement of deeds are given in Q2. A ticket based queuing system operates to bring you to one of the service counters as quickly as possible.
Q2: What are the service hours for delivery of deeds in person?
A: Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays : Closed.
Q3: Can delivery of deeds be made by post?
A: Yes. The date of receipt will be deemed on the same day if the deeds are received by the Land Registry before 1:30pm on a weekday (office closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). For those deeds received after 1:30pm on a weekday, the date of receipt will be deemed the next working day.
Q4: Which form should be used for showing the proper order of lodgement of instruments?
A: Please use a Lodgement List for showing the proper order of lodgement of instruments.
Q5: Is there any regulation governing the time limit for registration of instruments that affect land?
A: The law does not impose any time limit for the registration of an instrument, but late registration may lead to a loss of registration priority. If an instrument is duly presented for registration within one month after the date of its execution, it may retain a priority back to that date. If outside the one month period, the priority will be counted from the actual date of its due presentation for registration. For certain court documents, e.g. charging order, writ, etc., there is a special rule governing the date of their effective registration. (Please refer to Q2 under “Others” for more details on the rule.)
Q6: Would the Land Registry accept requests from lodging parties for express registration service ?
A: The Land Registry would consider each request on its own merit. Please refer to Q7 for the application procedure.
Q7: How to apply for express registration service ?
A: Application for express registration service must be made in writing by the lodging party of the instrument concerned to the Land Registry (Attn.: Registration Section) stating the reason(s) and producing the evidence, if any, to support the request.
Q9: How do I collect registered deeds and withheld deeds?
A: They will be returned to the lodging party by courier or post.
Q10: How do I return a withheld deed?
A: Please take it to counter no.8 at the Customer Centre, 19/F Queensway Government Offices.
Q11: Does Land Registry receive resubmitted withheld deeds in the afternoon?
A: Yes. The Land Registry receives withheld deeds resubmitted to the counter from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except public holidays.
Q12: How long will it take to register an instrument?
A: According to our performance pledges, it takes 14 working days to complete the process of registration. From receipt of a deed to updating the land register with the registered deed, it takes 11 working days. The remaining 3 working days are required for imaging and returning of the registered deed to the lodging party.