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Search of Land Records

Types of Searches

Land records are kept by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. For every land transaction, it is important to ascertain who the registered owner of the property is and what incumbrances, if any, are registered against it. A land search will provide the searcher with the information.

To search a land record is to inspect and/or obtain a copy of the land record.  Depending on the mode in which the record concerned is kept, a search produces :

1. Land Register

A computer printout in A4 size containing the information in the Land Register of the property concerned.

2. Land Document

An imaged copy.

3. Land Record in Paper Form

  • The paper record for inspection and copying, if required.

In addition to the Land Register, customers are also advised to check the Unposted Memorial List by using the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) Online Services via the Internet or the self-service terminals installed at the Customer Centre and the NTSOs to find out if there are any instruments lodged for registration but for one reason or another, entries of the same have not yet been made in the Land Register.

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