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Registration Fees under the Land Registration Fees Regulations (Cap. 128B)

Registration Fee
Registration Fee
1. Registration of any instrument (except as hereinafter specifically mentioned) whereby the legal or equitable estate in any property, or in any share or interest in any property, is assigned, conveyed, settled, partitioned, mortgaged, charged, reassigned, discharged, released or otherwise transferred including any instrument exempted from stamp duty under section 46 of the Stamp Duty Ordinance (Cap. 117) -
Where the amount or value of the consideration or value of the property or share or interest affected -

(a) does not exceed $750,000

(b) exceeds $750,000



2. Registration of any agreement for sale and purchase or for mortgage $210
3. Registration of any lease, agreement for a lease, or renewal or surrender of a lease $210
4. Registration of any deed of mutual covenant, its sub-deed or sub-sub-deed or any supplemental deed thereof -
Where the number of property units thereunder is-

(a) 10 or less

(b) more than 10



5. Registration of any probate, letters of administration, deed of appointment of new trustees, lis pendens, writ of foreign attachment, judgment, decree, prohibitory order, or other order of Court, certificate of satisfaction of a judgment or of dissolution of a writ of foreign attachment, or any other instrument whatsoever not otherwise specifically mentioned in this Schedule $210
6. Registration of any instrument whereby any charge or mortgage, whether legal or equitable, on any property or on any share or interest in any property is assigned or transferred -
per 100 charges or mortgages or part thereof assigned or transferred
7. Receiving for registration any instrument withheld from registration and subsequently redelivered for registration, whether for the first or any subsequent time, in addition to the fees already paid under item 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 -
For each period of 28 days or any part thereof during which the instrument is not so redelivered, the first such period commencing on -

(a) the day upon which the instrument is collected under regulation 15(3) of the Land Registration Regulations (Cap. 128 sub. leg.A);

(b) (where the instrument is returned by post under regulation 15 of those regulations) the date impressed on or indicated by the relevant postage stamp or the date of delivery to the provider of the courier service concerned