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Types of Land Records

Land records are kept by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. For every land transaction, it is important to ascertain who the registered owner of the property is and what incumbrances, if any, are registered against it. A land search will provide the searcher with the information.

1. Land Register

  • A register showing the ownership particulars of each property and any incumbrances registered against the property, e.g. Legal Charge, Agreement for Sale and Purchase, Court Order, etc.

2. Memorial

  • In the form specified by the Land Registrar, it contains the essential particulars of the accompanying document lodged for registration.

3. Memorial Day Book

  • A record of all the memorials of the relating documents lodged for registration each day with the essential particulars of each memorial.

4. Government Lease

  • A lease of land granted by the Government including any instrument whereby the term of a lease may be extended or the provisions thereof varied, and any agreement for a Government Lease such as New Grant, Conditions of Sale, Conditions of Grant, Conditions of Exchange, etc.

5. Block Government Lease

  • A lease issued for a Demarcation District/Survey District or a block of lots.  It contains the lease conditions and a schedule showing the name of owner, area, class, annual rent, etc. of each lot.

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