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Search of Land Records

Modes of Search

Land records are kept by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. For every land transaction, it is important to ascertain who the registered owner of the property is and what incumbrances are registered against it. A land search will provide the searcher with such information.

1. Online Search Services (IRIS Online Services)Internet Search Services

  • The IRIS Online Services provides users with a full range of search services through the Internet.
  • Users can conduct land search via the IRIS Online Services on an ad hoc basis or on a subscription basis.
  • There are two versions of the IRIS Online Services: desktop version and mobile version.  Both versions are accessed by browsers and the mobile version is customized and best viewed for smartphones and mobile devices running on iOS or Android platforms. Please click here for more information on the mobile version.
  • Users can place orders for land records online and choose the following delivery methods to receive the land records: view by browser, by download, by email, by fax, by mail and by collection at counter. Delivery methods available may vary according to the order type, nature, colouring requirement, file size, no. of pages, etc.

2. Counter Search and Self-service Search

  • At the Land Registry's Customer Centre and the New Territories Search Offices (NTSOs), customers can conduct searches of land registers and place orders for copies of land records for properties anywhere in the territory through our Counter Search and Self-service Search services.
  • Service for inspection of original Government Leases and Block Government Leases is available by appointment.

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