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Owners' Corporations

Filing of Notice of Policy of Insurance

Owners' Corporations

Owners' Corporations

(I) Application for registration of owners' corporations

(II) Filing of Notice of Policy of Insurance

(III) Filing of Notice of Change of Particulars

(IV) Search of the owners' corporations records and Index of Owners' Corporations



(II) Filing of Notice of Policy of Insurance

  • With the commencement of Section 28 of the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) on 1 January 2011, an owners' corporation is required to procure and keep in force, in relation to the common parts of the building and the property of the corporation, a policy of insurance with an insurance company in respect of third party risks. For details, you may refer to the leaflet "Building Management (Third Party Risks Insurance) Regulation" (PDF format) published by the Home Affairs Department.

  • The secretary of the management committee should, within 28 days after the corporation has effected a policy of insurance, give notice of the name and address of the insurance company and the period covered by the policy of insurance to the Land Registrar in the specified form "Notice of Change of Particulars/Notice of Policy of Insurance" (L.R. 124)(PDF format)(Ms Word format)(Online form). You may make reference to the sample when completing the form.

  • The prescribed fee for filing the "Notice of Change of Particulars/Notice of Policy of Insurance" is $58.

  • You can submit the notice by post, in person or online to the relevant Land Registry Office.  Our different offices provide owners’ corporation services for respective districts.  For notice sent in by post, please ensure that sufficient postage is paid to avoid unsuccessful delivery.  Any underpaid mail will be handled by the Hongkong Post and the Land Registry will not settle the relevant surcharge payment.
  • If you intend to submit the Notice of Policy of Insurance in the form of an electronic record, you may refer to the Gazette Notice (G.N. 6697) for details of the requirements and our website (https://www.landreg.gov.hk/en/electronic/electronic.htm).