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Monthly Memorial Information on Mortgage Transactions (MMIM)

The Monthly Memorial Information on Mortgage Transactions (MMIM) data files contain essential memorial information extracted from documents related to mortgage transactions and lodged for registration within a month. The information includes nature and date of instrument, lot number, address of property and consideration and name of mortgagee (if the mortgagee is not an individual) etc. The information is particularly useful for property market analysis and research purposes.

Hardware and software configuration

  • Subscribers are required to acquire their own computer equipment, software and skills for reading the data files.


  • Application fee is HK$1,070
  • Subscription fee is HK$5,500/month
  • Subscription is on a 6-month or 12-month basis.

Delivery of the MMIM data files

  • Free e-mail delivery within 4 working days excluding local time Saturdays at the beginning of the month for local purchases.


  • Please return the completed form to the Subscribers' Accounts Section, Financial Services Division, Land Registry, 28/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong.
  • If you submit the application form via electronic mail, please send the completed form to email address: SAS_form@landreg.gov.hk. You may refer to the Gazette Notice (G.N. 6697) for details of the requirements.
  • You are also welcome to submit the application form via online form at the Land Registry’s website.
  • For enquiry, please call telephone no. 2867 8069.

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