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Frequently Asked Questions

Copy of Document/Plan

Q1: Can I inspect original plans?
A: Inspection of plans attached to memorials is not available from 12 February 2005. However, you can inspect the plans deposited in the Land Registry under the provisions of any Ordinance or Government lease. Plans deposited under Ordinances can be inspected free of charge at our Customer Centre. The plans deposited under Government lease can be inspected at the Customer Centre as well and the inspection fee is $10.
Q2: How to obtain a floor plan?
A: Obtain a historical and current land register and check whether a floor plan has been attached to the registered documents.
Q3: How to obtain a hard copy of the Deed of Mutual Covenant?
A: Obtain a current land register of the property and check the memorial number of the Deed of Mutual Covenant shown in the "Incumbrances" section. Then you may place an order for a copy of the Deed of Mutual Covenant.
Q4: What is the difference between a plain copy and a certified copy of a document?
A: A plain copy is a record generated from Land Registry's record. If customers required any proof of a land record being issued by the Land Registry, they could apply for a certified copy which is printed on security paper and containing a certification by the Land Registrar.
Q5: How to obtain copy of the document with the Action Number stated in the property remark of the land register?
A: The documents that bear Action No. are not statutory records required under the Land Registration Ordinance and such documents are not available in the Land Registry. Customers may approach the respective District Lands Office of the Lands Department for additional information, if any.
Q6: What is the largest size of plan provided by the Land Registry?
A: The Land Registry can provide copy of plans from A4 to > A0 size.
Q7: How to obtain a copy of Lease/Tenancy Agreement?
A: It depends on whether the Lease/Tenancy Agreement has been registered. You may obtain a current land register of the property and check the memorial number of the Lease/Tenancy Agreement shown in the "Incumbrances" Section. You may then place an order for a copy of the related Lease/Tenancy Agreement.