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Property Reference Number

Short Description:

The "Property Reference Number" (PRN) is a unique computer generated 8-digit identification number assigned by the Land Registry to each land register. The PRN is shown on the land register to facilitate easy identification and quick retrieval of the land records. In a memorial delivered for registration, the PRN of the property should be shown in the "Property Reference Number" box in the memorial.

Quick Tips:

  • The PRN is shown at the top of the "Property Particulars" part of each register.


Q1: How can I obtain the Property Reference Number (PRN)?
A: The PRN is available from the land register. It will also be displayed after inputting the address or lot information in the search screen of IRIS Online Services and Self-service Terminals.
Q2: Is the Property Reference Number (PRN) a mandatory information in the memorial?
A: A PRN must be given in the "Property Reference Number" box in the memorial except for instruments that affect all units of the same multi-storey building and/or development, e.g. Deed of Mutual Covenant and Occupation Permit. In such cases, the words "PRNs of all affected units" may be entered in the "Property Reference Number" box of the memorial.