Short Description:

The form specified by the Land Registrar for registration which contains the essential particulars of the accompanying deed lodged for registration.

Quick Tips:


Q1: Must every instrument be accompanied by a memorial for registration?
A: Yes. All instruments submitted for registration must be accompanied by a memorial. Memorials must be in the form specified by the Land Registrar and in compliance with the provisions of the Land Registration Ordinance and Regulations. Please refer to Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 2/04 for the prescribed format.

Q2: If an instrument affects a number of properties located in different districts, is it acceptable to include all properties in one memorial?
A: Yes. One memorial will suffice.
Q3: How to obtain a memorial form?
A: Under Regulation 5 of the Land Registration Regulations, registration of an instrument under the Land Registration Ordinance shall be effected by delivering into the Land Registry such instrument together with a memorial thereof in the form specified and provided by the Land Registrar. You can either download the electronic version of the Memorial Form from the Land Registry website or purchase the pre-printed memorial forms at Land Registry's office on 19/F., Queensway Government Offices and any Search Offices in the New Territories. The price is $15 for each book of 100 sheets.

Q4: If the whole document is written in Chinese, is it necessary to complete the memorial in both English and Chinese?
A: It is sufficient just to complete the memorial in Chinese. However, if the English name of the party is entered into the memorial, it will be shown in the land register.

Q5: Any special requirements if there is a plan attached to the instrument?
A: Only a copy of any plan that is larger than A3 size should be attached to the memorial. Customers are particularly reminded that, according to Regulation 8 of the Land Registration Regulations, a plan attached to or endorsed on an instrument shall be of A4 size unless otherwise permitted by the Land Registry. To obtain the best quality of electronic imaging, customers' assistance in delivering paper plans instead of plastic/linen ones for our processing is required. Customers are also reminded not to use light tones in colouring as these do not show up well on imaged documents. Any colour, other than black and white, on any such plan and copy should be identified by the marking as specified in respect of such colour in the Second Schedule as laid down in the Land Registration Regulations 8(3).

Q6: For plans relating to the annexure of an instrument, is it necessary to attach the same to the memorial?
A: Yes, if it is larger than A3 size.

Q7: Can I lodge an instrument or a plan larger than A4 size?
A: General permission has been given for the following instruments/plans which are larger than A4 size to be lodged for registration:

  • Various orders, certificates, etc., issued by courts or government authorities;
  • Documents completed outside Hong Kong;
  • Documents with endorsements relating to receipt or release of legal charge/mortgage;
  • Carpark layout plans;
  • Documents executed before 9 December 1996 (the effective date of the relevant requirements for documents to be in A4 size in the Land Registration Amendment (No. 2) Regulation 1996);
  • Plans attached to Deeds of Mutual Covenant including Sub Deeds of Mutual Covenant; and
  • Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase.
For cases other than above, approval should be sought in writing at the time of lodgement of instruments/plans with the Land Registry for registration.