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Submissions under Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553)

Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344)

The Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553) applies to the Building Management Ordinance. The manner and format for submission of documents in the form of electronic records should comply with all the requirements specified in the Gazette Notice (G.N. 6697) published under section 11(2) of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance. Please note that statutory declarations are excluded from application of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance.

For electronic submission of forms relating to Owners’ Corporations services, an easy guide is set out below for your reference:

  1. install the following on your computer equipment -

    (i) a digital certificate subscribed by you with either the Hongkong Post (https://www.hongkongpost.gov.hk) or Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited (http://www.dg-sign.com) for electronic signing of the Form and authentication of your identity; and

    (ii) Adobe Acrobat Professional (version 8 or above) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (version X or above)

  2. access the Public Forms page on our website (https://www.landreg.gov.hk/en/pforms/form.htm) to open an online form to fill out and sign
  3. after completion of the form -

    (i) click the “Signature” box and select the appropriate digital certificate or iAM Smart+ to insert the e-signature for digital signing; and

    (ii) input the Personal Identification Number (PIN), then click the “Sign” button. After digitally signed, click the “Submit” button to complete the online submission..

For enquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 3105 0000.


Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128)

The Land Registration Ordinance is at present exempted from the Electronic Transactions Ordinance.