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Q1: Under what circumstances will I receive a Property Alert notification during the subscription period?

During the subscription period, when an instrument is delivered to the Land Registry or is being processed by the Land Registry for registration against the selected land register under the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap.128), the Land Registry will send a Property Alert notification to you by email at one or more of the following different stages, where applicable, in the course of such registration process:

  1. The information of the instrument is entered on the selected land register upon receipt of the instrument for registration.
  2. The information of the instrument pending registration, which has previously been entered on the selected land register, is removed from the said land register for whatever reason.
  3. The instrument has been registered against the selected land register and becomes available for public search.

After the completion of registration of the instrument, no further Property Alert notification will be issued in relation to that registered instrument.

Besides, a half-yearly summary of email notification(s) issued to you will be sent to you in early January and July of each year during the subscription period to facilitate you to check whether you have missed any email notification(s).

Q2: What kind of information will be provided in a Property Alert notification?
A: The following particulars of the lodged instrument will be provided in the Property Alert notification:

  • Date of instrument
  • Memorial number of instrument
  • Date of delivery of instrument
  • Nature of instrument
Q3: What should I do if I have received an SMS reminder prompting me that a Property Alert notification has been issued by the Land Registry but I cannot find the relevant notification in the inbox of my email account?
A: In addition to checking the inbox of your email account, you are advised to look up the Property Alert notification from the spam/bulk mail/junk mail folder to see if it has been filtered as a spam message. You are also recommended to clear your emails in the inbox regularly to avoid exceeding the storage limit of your email server. If you still cannot find the relevant Property Alert notification, you may call our Customer Service Hotline on 3105 0000 for assistance.
Q4: Can I request the Land Registry to withhold registration of an instrument affecting my property upon receipt of the related Property Alert notification?
A: When an instrument affecting land is lodged with the Land Registry for registration, the Land Registrar will deal with it in accordance with the provisions of the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap.128) and the Land Registration Regulations (Cap.128A). In case of doubt, you may consider seeking advice from private legal practitioners.
Q5: With cessation of the email reminder service from 1 January 2023, is there any alternative to receive a reminder of the Property Alert notifications?
A: A Short Message Service (“SMS”) reminder service was launched on 2 July 2022. Under the SMS reminder service, you can choose to provide a Hong Kong mobile phone number for receiving SMS alert when a Property Alert notification is issued to your designated email address. You may enjoy this value-added service for free by completing and submitting the application form for change of particulars (PDF format)(MS Word format)(Online form).