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If you have any views, suggestions, enquiries or complaints, you may contact us through the following:

  • Calling our Customer Service Hotline at 3105 0000
  • Writing to
:Land Registry
Queensway Government Offices
28th Floor
66 Queensway
Hong Kong


Land Registry
Free post No.10
Hong Kong
  • Fax No.
:2596 0281
  • E-mail Address

You can also use the Online Form to report any suspected irregularities in our land records or to provide any feedback on our services.

All incoming correspondence will be dealt with expeditiously. We aim to reply within 10 days, or will let you know within this time if our reply will take longer.

If you wish to receive notification of updated information in Land Registry's Homepage, please register with us through e-mail.

For any mails (including letters and application forms) sent to the Land Registry by post, please ensure that sufficient postage is paid to avoid unsuccessful delivery of mails. Any underpaid mails will be handled by the Hongkong Post and the Land Registry will not settle the relevant surcharge payments for underpaid mails.