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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 6/96

10 May 1996

(1)Land Registration Fees (Amendment) Regulation 1995 (2)Land Registration (New Territories) Fees (Repeal) Regulation 1995 and (3)Land Registration Fees (Amendment) Regulation 1995 (Amendment) (N0.2) Regulation 1996


1.Land Registy Circular Memorandum No. 3/96 of 3 April 1996 announced that new and revised fees will be introduced under the above Regulations.

2.As published in today's Gazette (L.N.s l87 - 190 of 1996), these Regulations shall come into operation on 1 June 1996. The Fees Schedule which will be applicable to all land registries in the urban area and in the New Territories with effective from 1 June 1996 is at Appendix 1.

3.As a result of changes introduced by these Regulations, some existing search tickets and payment forms as listed in Appendix 2 will be replaced by new ones. The following arrangements will be made :
(a)New search tickets listed in Appendix 2 will be used effective from 1 June 1996. These new tickets will be available for sale at the shroff offices as from 20 May l996.

(b)New payment forms listed in Appendix 2 for copying, search and registration purposes will be used effective from 1 June 1996. These forms can be obtained free of charge at the search counters as from 20 May 1996.

(c)Existing value-bearing search tickets listed in Appendix 2 will not be sold after 31 May,1996. These tickets may still be used but, if the fee for the required service has been revised, it will be necessary to submit a sufficient number of tickets of a total value equivalent to the revised fee for such service. Existing search tickets can also be returned to the shroff offices for a refund.
4.For enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Manager, Mrs Alison CHAN (now changed to Ms Ella TSOI), at telephone number 2867 2882 (now changed to 3105 0000).

(Kenneth T.W.Pang)
Land Registrar