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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 2/15

10 July 2015

Launch of e-Alert Service

This circular announces the launch of an e-Alert Service on 20 July 2015 for subscription by property owners to monitor the land registers of their own properties.

2. The Land Registry maintains a land register for each property. The particulars of instruments affecting a property and submitted to the Land Registry for registration will be recorded in the land register of that property. The e-Alert Service is a notification service to facilitate property owners to monitor the land registers of their own properties. During the subscription period, when an instrument is lodged for registration against a relevant property, an e-mail notification will be sent to the owner if he/she has subscribed to the service. The e-Alert Service serves as a convenient and useful tool for owners to monitor if any instrument affecting their properties has been lodged for registration.

Scope of Notification

3. The following particulars of the lodged instrument will be provided in the e-mail notification:

  • Date of instrument
  • Memorial number of instrument
  • Date of delivery of instrument
  • Nature of instrument

Subscription Periods and Fees

4. The following subscription fee is charged for each land register selected for the e-Alert Service:

e-Alert Service Subscription Periods and Fees" title="e-Alert Service Subscription Periods and Fees
Subscription Period1 Month3 Months12 Months24 Months
New ApplicationHK$160HK$165HK$185HK$200
Renewal of Service
(for current
subscriber only)

Application for Subscription of Service

5. Application must be made by the current owner shown on the land register of the property concerned. For a new application, the completed application form should be submitted to the Land Registry together with the subscription fee and proof of identity of the current owner. For renewal of service, the completed application form and the renewal fee should be delivered to the Land Registry not less than 7 calendar days before expiry of the current subscription period. An application form for subscription to the e-Alert Service is attached. It can also be downloaded from the Land Registry’s website (www.landreg.gov.hk).

6. Application must be submitted in person at our Customer Centre on 19/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong or any of our New Territories Search Offices. If an application is submitted by an owner’s representative, additional proof of identity and authorization will be required to be produced.


7. Further information on the e-Alert Service is available from the Land Registry’s website (www.landreg.gov.hk). For enquiries, please contact our e-Alert Service Help Desk or Customer Service Manager, Mr. Andas LAU ( Now changed to Ms. Ella TSOI ), on 3105 0000 or by e-mail (csa@landreg.gov.hk).


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( Miss Mary Chow )
Land Registrar