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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 13/95

23 December 1995

Land Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 1995 and Land Registration (Amendment) Regulation 1995


  1. The Land Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 1995 was gazetted on 15 December 1995 and took effect from that date.

  2. The Amendment Ordinance, inter alia, makes provisions for the introduction of the imaging technology for the recording of the memorials and the registered instruments. The main amendments are: -
    The words "image", "image record", imaging" and imaging method" are definded.

    Several relevant sections of the Land Registration Ordinance are amended to include the image record in addition to the microfilm record of the memorials or the registered instruments.

    Under the amended Section 26A, a copy of the image record of a document or the land records kept by the Land Registry which is certified true by the Land Registrar or his authorized officer shall be admissible in court proceedings without further proof and the signature of the Land Registrar or his authorized officer shall include his printed signature.

    The additional Section 29A provides that the image record of the memorial or the image record of the microfilm record of the memorial shall be treated as original memorials.

  3. Moreover, the Amendment Ordinance repeals Section 22 of the Land Registration Ordinance. As from 15 December 1995, the Land Registry no longer accepts deeds or other instruments for safe custody but will continue to keep those documents already deposited until they are withdrawn by the persons depositing them.

  4. The Land Registrar has made consequential amendments to the Land Registration Regulations. The Land Registration (Amendment) Regulation 1995 was gazetted on 22 December 1995.

  5. For enquiries, please contact Mr. C.K. Wong, Senior Solicitor, at telephone number 2867 2882 (now changed to 3105 0000).

(Kenneth T.W. PANG)
Land Registrar