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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 10/94

9 December 1994

Registration of Charging Order


  1. At present, a remark is added in the "Property Particulars'' section of the land register when a Charging Order or a Judgement imposing charge on land is received by the Urban Land Registry for registration. This practice originated from the days when urban land registration was done manually.
  2. Under the present computerised registration system, this piece of information can also be found in the "Deeds Pending Registration" section of the land register or in the Unposted Memorial List. Such remark is, therefore, an unnecessary duplication of information.
  3. Having reviewed the matter at a recent Land Registry and Law Society Joint Standing Committee, it was decided to discontinue with the practice described in paragraph l above in order to streamline procedures and remove unnecessary work. This will take effect from 1 January 1995.
  4. The Land Registry will continue to register with priority Charging Orders and Judgements imposing charge on land.
  5. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Manager at telephone number 867 2882 (now changed to 3105 0000).

(Kenneth T W Pang)
Land Registrar