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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 7/07

7 December 2007

Special Service Arrangements during the Relocation of the Land Registry Data Centre


This circular gives notice of the special service arrangements during the relocation of the Land Registry data centre starting from 22.12.2007.


2. The data centre is now situated in a commercial building. We are moving to a government data centre. This provides permanent accommodation and is better equipped with support facilities and backup power supplies. The relocation will increase the security of the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) and help contain overhead costs.

Time Schedule of the Relocation
3. The relocation will take place between 22.12.2007 and 25.12.2007. A total of 4 days are required to allow time for re-installation of equipment at the government data centre and the conduct of all necessary tests to ensure proper functioning of the system before it is restored back to normal operation.

Special Service Arrangements During Relocation of the Data Centre

4. The following special service arrangements will be put in place during 22.12.2007 to 25.12.2007 :-

Search services
  • When the IRIS main system is out of service during the relocation, search services to the public will be provided by means of our backup system.
  • Search services to be provided by the backup system can only start from 12:00 noon on 23.12.2007 as time is required to get the backup system ready. As such, search services will not be available on 22.12.2007 and in the morning of 23.12.2007.
  • All IRIS search services will revert back to the main system when the main system resumes normal operation on 26.12.2007.
Lodgement of deeds
  • The Land Registry will continue to accept lodgement of deeds on 24.12.2007 in the Customer Centre from 9:00 am - 1:30 pm.
Memorial Day Book
  • Information on deeds received on 24.12.2007 will not be captured in the "deeds pending registration" section of the land registers available on the backup system. As a result, land registers obtained through searches using the backup system on 25.12.2007 will only show information on deeds received up to the previous weekday (i.e. 21.12.2007).
  • A Memorial Day Book (MDB) carrying information on deeds received on 24.12.2007 will be posted on the Land Registry website ( www.landreg.gov.hk). Persons using the search services on 25.12.2007 will be advised of the need to refer to the MDB on the Land Registry website to check for pending deeds lodged on 24.12.2007 by means of :-
  1. Notice on the IRIS website;
  2. Notice on the Land Registry website; and
  3. A special remark at the end of each land register obtained through searches using the backup system 1 .
Limitations of services provided by the backup system
  • Only search of land registers is provided by the backup system. Other IRIS services as listed below will NOT be available :
  1. Order of imaged land documents; and
  2. Support services to customers :-
    - Orders/subscribers' accounts enquiry
    - Re-fax, re-Email and re-print of orders
    - Refund / adjustment in respect of ordered land documents
    - Opening of new subscriber account
    - Re-activation of locked subscriber account
    - Handling of late payment, advance payment and deposit top-up
Subscribers' accounts billing arrangements
  • A separate demand letter accompanied by a supplementary statement will be issued to subscribers in early January 2008 for searches made with the backup system between 12:00 noon on 23.12.2007 and 25.12.2007. Search fees for the said period will not be included in the monthly autopay (autopay on the 5th working day of January 2008).
  • As the monthly statement of December 2007 will NOT contain searches made during the said period, subscribers are strongly advised to print out acknowledgment/enquire order status pages for future reference.
  • Subscribers will not be able to retrieve the transaction orders performed on the backup system once the main system is restored. The supplementary statement contains only order numbers and no order details (PRN number, search address, etc). The supplementary statement will be not available for download online.
  • Handling of late payment, advance payment and deposit top-ups will be temporarily suspended during the period from 12:00 noon on 23.12.2007 to 25.12.2007. Subscribers are advised to make early arrangements for such payment requests.
  • As an alternative, subscribers may choose to conduct internet search of the land registers on ad hoc basis between 12:00 noon on 23.12.2007 and 25.12.2007. Online payment of service fees by Visa, Mastercard or PPS will be accepted.
Customer Service Hotline
  • Our Customer Service Hotline at 3105 0000 will continue to provide service.
5. For any enquiries on this circular, please contact our Customer Service Manager, Ms Allan CHAN (now changed to Miss Cherie CHOW), at 3105 0000 or e-mail to us at csa@landreg.gov.hk.

Kim Salkeld's signature
(Kim Salkeld)
Land Registrar

1The special remark will start to appear on all land registers as soon as the backup system is put up for search services, i.e. from noon of 23.12.2007. When the main IRIS system resumes operation on 26.12.2007, the special remark will be removed from all land registers.