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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 6/95

16 May 1995

Premises Number and Street Name stated in the Memorial

  1. Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM) N0. 2/95 dated 6 January 1995 requires that the correct up-to-date address as designated under Section 32 of the Buildings Ordinance be used in the description of premises in both the instrument and the related Memorial submitted for registration. This requirement is intended to facilitate land registration in the computerised mode and is in the interest of all parties concerned. Using the correct address, which is the key identifier of sub- division land registers in the computerised land registration system, will avoid delays and speed up the registration process. It will also facilitate land searches.
  2. Since the issue of LRCM No. 2/95, a number of enquiries have been received from solicitors' firms regarding the practical aspects of the requirement. Following further consultation with the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Land Registry has agreed to modify the requirement to the effect that it will apply to the Memorial only. Such requirement, set out as follows, will take immediate effect:
    (a) where the instrument contains only the old premises number and street name, the Land Registry will require the Memorial to state, in the description of premises affected section, the old premises number and street name followed by the words "now known as (the correct premises number and street name)".

    (b) where the instrument contains both the old and correct up-to-date addresses, clearly differentiated, the Land Registry will require the Memorial to state the correct up-to-date address. A description as in (a) above will also be acceptable.

    (c) For a new development where only a provisional address is available, the Memorial should contain the words "official address not yet known" after the provisional address. Where even the provisional address is not available, the words "official address not yet known" in the memorial will suffice.

    (d) For a redevelopment, the existing premises number and street name should continue to be used until such time when a new provisional address or a new official address has been given by the Rating and Valuation Department.

    3. From l June 1995, the Land Registry will update the addresses in the computerised land registers as soon as it is notified of the official addresses by the Commissioner of Rating and Valuation. Solicitors will therefore be able to obtain the correct up-to-date address either by searching the computerised land register or from their clients. If a Memorial lodged for registration is found to contain a different address from that in the land register, it will be returned to the solicitor for clarification and, if necessary, amendment. However, no disincentive fee will be charged if the instrument is resubmitted with acceptable clarification or amendment for registration within 28 days.

    4. LRCM No.2/95 is hereby superseded.

    5. For enquiries, please contact the Customer Service Manager, Mr Daniel WONG (now changed to Miss Cherie CHOW), at telephone number 2867 2882 (now changed to 3105 0000).

    (Kenneth T.W. PANG)
    Land Registrar