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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 3/09

2 July 2009

Release of an Enhanced Version of E-Memorial Form

This circular announces the release of an enhanced version of e-Memorial Form for free downloading from the Land Registry's website with effect from 10 July 2009.


The Enhanced e-Memorial Form

2. The Land Registry launched an e-Memorial Form on 26 November 2007.  This free-of-charge alternative to the pre-printed memorial form has been welcomed by users.  The enhanced e-Memorial Form will provide new and extended functions to help improve efficiency in use.  The "local save" function will continue to be provided, allowing users to save completed/partially completed forms in their own computers for follow-up action.  In addition, the form will have the following new features:

  • Selection lists providing common descriptions/categories of nature of instrument, consideration, identification document and capacity to save input effort;

  • Automatic generation of supplementary sheet(s) to the memorial if space is insufficient;

  • Better support for copying data from MS WORD or EXCEL documents;

  • Embedded guidance notes and built-in checking (e.g., to prompt user on an incorrect entry of "31 April 2009");

  • Spell check; and

  • A 2-dimensional barcode containing key particulars filled up in the memorial. The data therein will be read by a scanner into our registration system for scrutiny and registration. This will improve the efficiency and accuracy of updating the land register concerned.

3. Starting from 10 July 2009, the enhanced e-Memorial Form will be available for downloading from the Land Registry's website (http://www.landreg.gov.hk).  CD-ROMs of the enhanced e-Memorial Form will also be available free of charge at our Customer Centre on 19th Floor of Queensway Government Offices.  The workstation requirement specifications for using the enhanced e-Memorial Form are set out in the Appendix.



4. The Land Registry has released two earlier versions of the e-Memorial Form in 2007 and 2008. So as not to inconvenience any users pending changing over to the enhanced e-Memorial Form, the two versions which have been downloaded by users can continue to be used for the time being. However, the 2007 version (released on 26 November 2007) will expire and can no longer be used starting from 16 October 2009. The 2008 version (released on 10 July 2008) will expire on 15 October 2010. Users are encouraged to install the enhanced e-Memorial Form for use at the earliest opportunity. For those who do not yet wish to use the e-Memorial Form the pre-printed form will continue to be available for sale from the Land Registry.


Important Notes

5. The e-Memorial Form should always be printed in black ink on a single side of white A4 paper. This ensures that the form will be properly captured by our document imaging system and reproduced clearly for future searching.

6. The e-Memorial Form will generate a unique serial number when it is printed. Once downloaded the template can be used on the computer to prepare any number of memorials. Blank memorial forms should not be printed out and then photocopied since such copies will all contain the same serial number. This will cause delay during lodgement and registration since duplicate serial numbers will be rejected by our registration system.



7. For enquiries, please contact the subject officers Ms Evian Wong (now changed to Ms Carmen Wong) at (852) 2867 5710 and Mr Wayne Cheung (now changed to Miss Panda Tsui) at (852) 2867 5704 or our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 3105 0000.  You may also email us at csa@landreg.gov.hk.

Kim Salkeld's signature
(Kim Salkeld)
Land Registrar



1. Client Workstation Requirement Specifications

Recommended configuration of computer:

Recommended configuration of computer

IIntel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or above processor

Operating System

Windows XP or Windows Vista


At least 1GB of RAM


Chinese Adobe Reader 8.1.3 or above, and
Adobe Reader 9 Korean Font Pack*

.The Adobe Reader and the Korean Font Pack are available for free download at the following respective locations:



*  In accordance with technical requirements by the software supplier of Adobe Reader, installation of the Korean Font Pack is necessary for the proper operation of the enhanced version of e-Memorial Form.


Laser Printer with at least 600 x 600 dpi resolution

2. Printing Specifications

Printing Specifications
PaperWhite (single-sided printing)
InkBlack Ink