IRIS Online Services
Client Workstation Requirement Specifications

1. Recommended configuration of computer

Recommended configuration of computer
CPU: Intel P-III 550Mhz or above.
  • 128 MB (for orders delivered via fax/courier or viewing land register only);
  • 256 MB (for viewing imaged documents and color plans - up to A3);
  • More than 256MB (for viewing of plans larger than A3)

Hard Drive:
  • 200 MB free for storing temporary files of search results (for browsing online);
  • More storage is required if the search results are to be kept.

Operating System:
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • For viewing Chinese characters, traditional Chinese language should be supported by the Operating System. Chinese plug-in such as RichWin is not supported.

2. Connection

3. Accessories

4. Browser Software

5. Other relevant information.

Land Registry Circular Memorandum 2/04