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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Registry Circular Memorandum No. 1/00

11 January 2000

Completion of Memorial Forms

  1. This Memorandum asks legal practitioners to improve the quality of memorials delivered to the Land Registry for registration.
  2. Legal practitioners are aware that the Land Registry's Document Imaging System (DIS) requires such memorials to be of good quality so that our imaging equipment can properly capture the documents, and so that those customers using the DIS for searching our records can do so effectively. Unfortunately, of late, some memorials delivered for registration are not fully legible, e.g., the particulars were either hand-written illegibly or typed in a small font size. To ensure that good quality images can be captured in the DIS and reproduced for search, would you please pay particular attention to the following:
    • the particulars to be entered in the memorial, both in English and Chinese, should preferably be typed; if hand written, the writing must be clear and legible;
    • the font size of the typing should not be smaller than 8; and
    • a margin of 2mm should be left between the particulars entered and the boundaries of each box. A separate sheet in A4 size should be used as an appendix if space is insufficient to enter all particulars.
  3. I trust that you will cooperate in this matter and that we can avoid the necessity of withholding these instruments from registration, and thus incurring a disincentive fee and delay in the completion of registration.
  4. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Manager, Mr W Y KWOK (now changed to Ms Ella TSOI), at 2867 2882 (now changed to 3105 0000).

(A. G. Cooper)
Land Registrar