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Land Registry Circular Memorandum (LRCM)

Land Office Circular Memorandum No. 22

15 February 1965

Registration of Plans in the Land Office

You will be aware that in certain Deeds of Variation, Modification Letters, Conditions of Sale etc, there is included a requirement to register plans in the Land Office e.g. plans indicating car parking layouts. As such plans are not per se instruments affecting land, they are strictly speaking not registrable in the Land Office unless they form part of or are attached to an instrument. I shall be obliged therefore if in future, when it is desired to register any such plan in the Land Office, this is done by attaching it to a simple instrument. I should be satisfied with an instrument in the form of a letter signed by the registered owner/s, and mortgagee etc, if any, to the following effect:

"                     Lot No.                    "
The attached plan, duly signed by me/us, is presented for registration in the Land Office pursuant to Special Condition           contained in Conditions of Sale No.                      (or pursuant to clause                     in Deed of Variation dated                      and registered in the Land Office by Memorial No.                       , or as the case may be).".

(W.K. Thomson)
Registrar General
(Land Officer)