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Future Plan
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Service enhancement to the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS)
Reducing stopped deeds
One-stop Stamp Payment and Registration
Property Information Hub
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Green Management and Environmental Improvement
Future Plan
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Statement of Changes in Equity
Cash Flow Statement
Notes to the Accounts
The Land Registry 2005/06 Annual Report
Fourteenth Year in Review
The Land Registry Trading Fund
Vision, Mission, Values and Functions
Operations and Customer Service
Financial Management
Development Projects and New Services
Title Registration
Public Relations
Human Resources
Risk Management for IT Systems
Report of the Director of Audit
Financial Statements
Annex 2006/07 Performance Pledge
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The Land Registry's homepage is a comprehensive source of news and information on our core business and progress of development projects conveniently accessible to people throughout the world twenty-four hours a day. Our homepage ( provides user-friendly navigation features and is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English versions. It provides users with access to all main Land Registry publications and a quick-link directly to the IRIS Online Services ( We regularly update and enhance the contents of our website. In 2006/07, there were 2,423,999 visits to the homepage, an increase of 41% compared to 2005/06. From our website survey, 67% visitors rated it as good and above. Enhancements were made to our homepage information on receiving suggestions from customers. Over the year, we received 38 commendations and 525 enquiries through the homepage.



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