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E-Alert Service

E-Alert Service

As a property owner, do you wish to know with ease anytime and anywhere if any instrument has been lodged for registration against your property? The e-Alert Service offered by the Land Registry can help.


What is e-Alert Service?

The e-Alert Service is a notification service offered to property owners on a subscription basis to monitor if any instrument affecting their properties has been delivered for registration.


What can the e-Alert Service give you as a property owner?

You will receive an email alert of the delivery of any instrument for registration against your property, normally on the day following the date on which the instrument is delivered to the Land Registry for registration. You will also be informed of the completion of or withdrawal from registration of the instrument.  


What information is provided in an e-Alert notification?

An e-Alert notification provides the following particulars of the instrument lodged for registration:

  • Date of instrument
  • Memorial number of instrument
  • Date of delivery of instrument for registration
  • Nature of instrument

By using the memorial number provided in the notification, you may order (with payment of the prescribed fee of HK$100) a copy of the instrument after registration for reference.


How is the e-Alert Service useful for you?

The Service saves you time and money as well as provides an easy and convenient means for you to keep track of instruments delivered for registration against your property, whether or not you have prior knowledge of the instruments. It helps protect your interest by facilitating you to take appropriate and prompt action on unexpected instruments submitted for registration against your property.


For whom is the e-Alert Service particularly useful?

The Service is useful to every property owner, in particular under the following circumstances:

  • Your property is vacant or is not occupied by you.
  • You are staying overseas for extended periods of time, whether or not your property has been rented out.
  • You do not have the title deeds of the property or you have lost them.
  • You want to be alerted as soon as your property is subjected to or may be affected by potential or actual disputes (e.g. registration of bankruptcy order against the co-owner’s share, repair notices or orders issued by the Building Authority, etc.).

Who is eligible for subscription of the e-Alert Service?

The current owner(s) shown on the land register of the property concerned is/are eligible for subscription of the Service. If the property is held by more than one owner, any one of the co-owners of the property may apply for subscription of the Service solely.


How to apply for subscription of the e-Alert Service?

Application is simple. You can download the application form here, submit the completed application form in person at our Customer Centre or any of our three New Territories Search Offices and pay the subscription fee in cash, by cheque, EPS or credit card. If the application is submitted by your representative, a duly completed authorisation form should be produced.


Want to know more about the e-Alert Service?

Please click here or call our Customer Service Hotline at 3105 0000.

The subscription fee is just HK$225 for 12 months or HK$250 for 24 months.

subscribe now to enjoy the benefits of our e-Alert Service.
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Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) Enhancements

With improving customer experience and user-friendliness in mind, we launched the following enhancements to the IRIS Online Services in May 2017 and September 2017 respectively:

  • add a “GeoInfo Map” hyperlink under the “Search Land Register” function of the IRIS Online Services to direct users to the matched lot information page on the “GeoInfo Map” of the Lands Department. In addition, a new “Go to IRIS Online Services” hyperlink was added on the “GeoInfo Map” to facilitate users to search land register of the matched lot;
  • Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) Enhancements
  • provide a new option for choosing “Current” or “Full” search for all selected registers by clicking the “Set All Type of Enquiry” link;
  • enable subscribers to retrieve the preceding order list when they re-login to the IRIS Online Services for adding/removing orders and completing the order list within the same business day; and
  • enlarge the font size of the Memorial Number shown on document/plan section barcode labels to enhance clarity.
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Annual Validation of Customer Records

As an annual exercise for updating the information in our customer management system to facilitate effective communication with customers, invitations were sent out in October 2017 to all subscribers of the IRIS Online Services and customers using the deeds lodgement services for providing up-to-date customer data by completing a Customer Data Form. Customers may also download the Change of Account Particulars Form to update their records whenever necessary.

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Title Registration

With the majority of key stakeholders indicating preference for the “new land first” proposal for early start of title registration in Hong Kong and early enjoyment of the benefits by the public, we have prepared a discussion paper on the “new land first” proposal in consultation with the Lands Department and the Department of Justice and are seeking key stakeholders' views on the proposal. Meanwhile, we continue to engage our stakeholders over the outstanding issues concerning conversion under the proposed Two-Stage Conversion Mechanism and to conduct the study of the latest developments regarding title registration legislation and good practices being adopted in several overseas common law jurisdictions.

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