The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Human Resources

Staff Motivation and Recognition

The Departmental Staff Suggestions Committee was set up in 1993 with the objective of promoting constructive cooperation and team effort among staff to achieve better efficiency and productivity. This year, staff have been invited to make suggestions on various issues including improvement of service quality, operation and management of the department, environmental protection and work-life balance of staff. A total of 6 staff suggestions were received and various awards, including cash prizes and letters of appreciation were granted.

The annual award scheme of the 'Best Staff of the Year', first introduced in 1997, aims to motivate staff morale, promote work commitment and give recognition to deserving staff for their remarkable contributions. In November 2006, staff were invited to vote among themselves the 'Best Staff'. Three prizes were awarded.

The Land Registry's Long Service Appreciation Award Scheme, launched in 1999, is another annual event to give recognition to officers with long and meritorious service. In 2006, 26 staff members with 25 or more years of service have been awarded, making a total of 90 awards since the Scheme was first introduced.

Performance Incentive Scheme

The implementation of a four-level Performance Incentive Scheme was commenced in January 1997. It is part and parcel of the human resource management initiative package aimed at reinforcing a performance-oriented service culture, motivating staff to meet the challenges under trading fund operations and improving the quality of services to customers.

Level One of the Scheme, based on achieving performance pledges, controlling the progress and expenditure of capital projects and meeting financial targets, was repeated in 2006.

Level Two of the Scheme, based on achieving or exceeding targets set for selected service areas, savings in staff costs and general operating expenses against budget and proposals on cost saving, improving efficiency or generating revenue, was repeated in 2006. A cross-divisional auditing for the performance result of this level will be conducted in May 2007 to provide impartial assessments on performance and achieved targets of the selected service areas.

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