The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Human Resources

Training and Development

We are committed to provide quality training to support the training and development needs of all staff and prepare them for the forthcoming changes in relation to title registration and other improvement projects. Through quality training we aim to help sustain a happy department that gives excellent service. The measure of quality in training is the confidence that all members of the Land Registry have in themselves and in the team they work with to be able to give outstanding service. From this comes the ability to perform at our best.

Highlights of Training Activities Arranged in 2006/07

a seminar on "Understanding the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance " was conducted and 13 classes of video seminars were arranged for all staff to equip them with the fundamental knowledge of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and to enhance their understanding on the application of the Ordinance to the work of the Land Registry.

a one-day workshop on 'Chairing Meetings' cum web-based self-learning course was arranged for officers on job-need basis to enhance their meeting skills and prepare them for the increase of committee work involved in the implementation of title registration.

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