The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Human Resources

Staff Relations

We recognize that effective communication between management and staff is essential to provide quality service to clients and customers. We are committed to providing an environment that promotes communication between staff at all levels. Regular management meetings and goodwill visits are held to exchange views with staff. The Departmental Consultative Committee, consisting of 14 representatives of various staff groups, meets quarterly to promote better understanding and co-operation between staff and management.

The Staff Magazine, a departmental publication produced by the staff themselves, was issued quarterly under an Editorial Board comprising officers from different grades and ranks. The Magazine has been proven to be a popular publication among staff that has helped promote team spirit and a sense of 'corporate identity'.

The Land Registry Staff Recreation Club was run by staff on a voluntary basis. In 2006/07, it organized a great number of social and recreational activities, including the department's annual dinner, Christmas party, interest classes and outings.

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