The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Title Registration

In the past year, we made further progress in preparing for the launch of the title registration system. While continuing to review the draft Land Titles (Amendment) Bill prepared by the Law Draftsman, we are consulting the stakeholders on the draft Bill. Constructive comments have been received. We are working closely with the stakeholders to address any issues of concern. Preparation of the rules that will support operation of the main Ordinance is also underway. We will commence consultation with the stakeholders on the related rules. We expect to introduce the Land Titles (Amendment) Bill and its related rules to the Legislative Council in the 2008/09 legislative session.

We are preparing the transitional requirements, operation practices and procedures, and also working on the design and development of new IT systems to support title registration. Planning for public education and training programmes is also underway. Briefings covering both legal and operational aspects have been conducted to keep interested parties informed of the development of the title registration system.

The introduction of title registration is a long overdue reform of the land registration system in Hong Kong that will bring a number of benefits to the community. The new system will provide certainty to ownership and interests in land. The title register itself is evidence of title rendering it unnecessary to review historical title deeds to establish title as at present. This will simplify conveyancing.

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