The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Public Relations

We always maintain an open communication policy with customers and key stakeholders. To assess their changing needs and expectations, we communicate closely with them. Various channels have been set up to this end.

Customer Liaison Groups

Two Customer Liaison Groups, one for private sector customers and one for government departments, have been set up for an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

The objectives of the Customer Liaison Groups are to:

The private sector group is composed of representatives from the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Association of Banks, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, the Hong Kong Real Estate Agencies General Association and the Society of Hong Kong Real Estate Agents Limited. The public sector group comprises representatives from government departments which are frequent users of the Registry's services. Each group meets three times a year.

In 2006/07, 6 Customer Liaison Group Meetings were held.

We thank the following members from the private sector and department representatives from the public sector for their continuous support to the Registry:

Standing Members of the Land Registry Customer Liaison Group (Private Sector) 2006/07

The Law Society of Hong Kong Mr. CHEUNG Kee-ming
Ms. LAM Man-yee
Mr. YUEN Kwok-kit
Mr. YEUNG Wing-wah
Mr. David WONG Pui-hon
Mr. Eddie WONG Chi-kei
The Hong Kong Association of Banks Mr. Andy NG Hak-chung
Mr. TONG Hon-shing
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Mr. Alex NG Siu-lam
Mr. CHIU Kam-kuen
Society of Hong Kong Real Estate Agents Limited Mr. Michael CHIK Pa-fai
Hong Kong Real Estate Agencies General Association Mr. NG Yuen-hing
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Ms. Ivy CHUA Suk-lin
Mr. OU Zhao-ji
Mr. WONG Chun-bong

Department Representatives of the Land Registry Customer Liaison Group (Public Sector) 2006/07

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Mr. C. H. LEUNG
Buildings Department Mr. Victor FUNG
Mr. C. Y. CHAN
Customs & Excise Department Mr. CHAN Chak-pang
Department of Justice Mr. S. S. YU
Environmental Protection Department Mr. Stephen LAM
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Mr. LUI Chun-hung
Mr. K. Y. TO
Government Property Agency Mr. Jeff LEE
Home Affairs Department Mrs. Connie LEE
Hong Kong Housing Society Ms. Patricia PANG
Hong Kong Police Force Mr. Rohit Bhagat
Housing Department Mr. G. K. TIN
Ms. Y. H. CHU
Mr. K. K. CHAN
Ms. S. M. CHAN
Ms. K. Y. LING
Independent Commission Against Corruption Ms. Jessica WONG
Mr. T. F. YIP
Ms. Annie MA
Inland Revenue Department Mr. K. Y. LAU
Lands Department Mrs. Beatrice KONG
Official Receiver's Office Miss Ally WONG
Mr. Ronald FU
Ms. Monita YU
Planning Department Mr. C. Y. CHAN
Rating and Valuation Department Mr. W. K. LAU

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