The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Operations and Customer Service

Performance Pledges

Performance pledges were first launched in 1993. They are reviewed annually. A report on actual performance for the past year together with any updated pledges for the coming year is also published each year. Through these pledges, members of the public are informed of the standard of services which they can expect from the department in registration of instruments, provision of land records and other related services and can measure improvements.

For 2006/07, as part of our continuing commitment to improve the quality and efficiency of services that we provide, we have reviewed our performance pledges and improved some of our service standards. The chart at Annex sets out the pledges and the actual performance of the year. We met or exceeded all performance pledges in 2006/07. Performance monitoring is conducted by a combination of public and private sector Customer Liaison Groups and internal Land Registry committees.

As the overall efficiency of the registration and search processes has been increasing steadily, higher service standards and new service pledges are being set with effect from April 2007.

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