The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Operations and Customer Service

Management Structure

The Land Registry is headed by the Land Registrar, who is supported by four operational branches, namely the Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch headed by the Registry Manager, the Legal Services Branch headed by the Deputy Principal Solicitor, the Title Registration Development Branch headed by the Title Registration Development Manager and the Financial Services Branch headed by the Business Manager. The Land Registration Officers form the backbone of the Registry overseeing various operational functions. A workforce comprising largely of general grades staff provides general support. A dedicated team of IT staff is responsible for the smooth operation of the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) for the central registration system, as well as the development and implementation of computer systems to support the title registration system.

Branch Functions

Deeds Registration and Departmental Services Branch

Legal Services Branch

Title Registration Development Branch

Financial Services Branch

We are making intensive preparation for the implementation of the Land Title Registration System. There will be changes to the organization structure and staffing requirements to handle the operation of the system, which will run parallel with the deeds registration system for 12 years.

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