The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Human Resources

Green Management and Environmental Improvement

We are committed to ensuring that the Land Registry's business and daily operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. To fulfill our commitment we have formulated an Environmental Policy to establish the overall direction for the Land Registry and set out the key areas for actions. We adopt good environmental practices in reducing the consumption of paper and energy, reusing office materials and replacing office consumables with environmental friendly products.

The Registry Manager is the Green Manager of the department, responsible for monitoring the Registry's environmental performance. A Green Housekeeping Working Group, led by the Departmental Secretary and with divisional representatives as members, assists the Green Manager to implement green initiatives particularly in the following aspects:

Since 1999, the Working Group has planned and organized environmental audit visits to various offices of the department. The most recent one was conducted in December 2006. By conducting environmental audits, the green practices at operational level are reviewed and recommendations are made for continual improvement.

The Controlling Officer's Environmental Report 2006 with detailed environmental performance is available from the Land Registry's website.

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