The Land Registry 2006/07 Annual Report

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Development Projects and New Services

Service enhancement to the Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS)

We have been working on a new round of enhancements to the IRIS since early 2007 to improve the functions and services of the system. Between January and April enhancements mainly focused on improving the internal operation of IRIS. During the remainder of 2007 the focus will be on improving customer services. A new function will be added to allow IRIS customers to place orders for a single colour plan, rather than having to order all plans attached to a document. The printing of land records ordered at the Customer Centre of the Land Registry will be streamlined to reduce delays to customers.

We have drawn up a further list of potential enhancement items to bring more improvements to IRIS and to enrich our services to the customers. The IRIS contractor is assessing the feasibility of these further enhancements, following which we will prepare an implementation plan.

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