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Thank you for visiting our website. We value your comments and suggestions to help us understand your needs and improve our website. Please spare a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. All information collected will be kept in strict confidence for statistical purpose only.

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Survey Questions

1. Please indicate the website you wish to comment on?

2. How often do you visit our website?

3. What is/are your purpose(s) of visiting our website? (You can select more than one option.)

4. Which part(s) of the website is/are useful to you? (You can select more than one option.)

5. How do you think about the website

a. The information can suit my needs.
b. Information is comprehensive.
c. Information is interesting.
d. Information is easy to find.
e. Information is easy to understand.
f. Graphic design is attractive.
g. Speed of response is fast.

6. How would you rate our website in terms of the following?

a. Coverage of information
b. Organisation of information
c. Design and appearance
d. Ease of navigation

7. What is your overall rating of our website?


8. Additional information you would like us to include in the website:

9. Other comments and suggestions

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